Meet Adrienne

Adrienne Lewis
utilizes the color spectrum to tell an expressive story with each piece. Her self-taught skills over the years have placed her into a class of artists where textures, patterns, and themes are uniquely designed on the canvas. Being a visual artist for 7 years, she’s found her own style in line movements and the usage of bold colors which reflects her passion and love of art. Her canvas selections include strong figures, nature, and celebrations showcasing the inner beauty found in the simplest objects and everyday surroundings.

Currently residing in Powder Springs, GA, Lewis has showcased her artwork at events and intimate occasions throughout the metro-Atlanta area. Through entrepreneurship, her mission is to encourage others to never give up on their passion. As she balances running her business, being a devoted wife and mother, Lewis is the epitome of pursuing a passion at any stage in life.

All artwork produced by Lewis are original and one of a kind piece fitting for all styles of décor and moods. Lewis paints and sketches with her own individual style not found in other artworks as she takes her inspirations and heritage, bringing them to unique life on a canvas.